About Us

The-Ru-Store.com is the premier online store for things Ru (Confucian).  We provide a plethora of books, lifestyle accessories, elegant home decor, and gifts relating to the Ru Tradition (Confucianism) at the very best prices.  We want to aid our customers in their discovery, learning, and living practice, whether are just new learners to masters themselves.

The Story Of Our Founding:

Founded in 2017, the Ru Store was successfully launched with the assistance and support of both Academic and Independent Scholars, along with other like-minded individuals, who wanted to share their passion for the Ru Tradition's wisdom, artistry, and experience with the rest of the world.  

Our Values:

Ideally, we wholeheartedly believe that the Ru Tradition has something to offer everyone as it is a comprehensive way of life that promotes the harmonious and sustainable development of human society through the cultivation of good individuals, communities, and nation-states. 

In living practice, we believe in the natural capacity of human greatness in all of us.  This greatness can be achieved through enlightened education, duty for the care of others, maintaining harmony with our environments, and championing humane civilization for a better world.

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The Ru Store is owned by the Ru Group International Corporation, an American Community Benefits Corporation.